Punching, drilling, cutting and marking machine center CNC

Technical specifications:
Specification of the raw material plate on the supply side
 The maximum length (without repositioning and combined heat punching cutting operations) mm 6000mm Maximum width 2500 mm
Specification of the workpiece on the outlet side:
Max. Allowed size for parts to be unloaded in hatch (optional) 2500 x 800 mm
Max. Dimension of the single workpiece 6000 x 2500 mm
Punching capacity (about 400N / mm plates):
Punching force kN 1000
Breakout force 100 kN maximum
Maximum whole diameter allowed in punching mm 80
Max. Diameter of 20 mm 38 mm
Max. Punching speed (25 mm height of 1 mm thickness) strokes / min. 140
Other specifications:
Plate thickness 1 20
Max. Commodity total weight Kg 2500
Max. Linear weight of raw material kg / m² 150
Max. The vector displacement speed m / min. 50 Working Level Height 1100 mm
Positioning accuracy and repeatability mm machine axes + / - 0.10
Power in tons 1000T
Metal length 6000 mm
Metal width 2500 mm
Max steel thickness 20 mm
Max Punching diameter 80 mm
Max. Weight of the workpiece 2500 kg