3 Roll Pyramid Pinch / 3000×8 mm 3 roll Davi

Davi MCO3022

Hydraulic 3 roll 3000 x 8 mm
Plate width/: 3100 mm
Plate thickness: 8 mm
Pre-bending: 6 mm
Top roll dia. 220 mm
Side rolls dia.200 mm
Surface length of the rolls: 3100 mm
Power electric installed :5.5Hp 380/50
Configuration installed
Hardened rolls Hydraulic power driven of the 3 rolls with axial gearbox and hydraulic motor independent.
Console command electric manual operation with CNC digital readout controller Conical hydraulic plate bending with hardened contrast pad Front opening hydraulic drop-end.
Overload hydraulic protection.
CNC digital readout EASY_PRO DAVI Safety barrier around the machine for emergency stop Manuals and schematics – CE certification
nr.1 plate rolling machine cm 570 x 140 x H130 cm –
total weight: 5 ton

Davi - 4 rolls

Davi - 4 rolls hydraulic plate roll

Matriculation number: 9240073
Year production: 1993
Capacity: Plate width 3000 mm
Plate rolling thickness: 40 mm
Prep inch thickness: 32 mm
Top roll Ø: 450 mm - Lower roll Ø: 410 mm
Useful length on the rolls: 3100 mm
Electric motor 40 Hp on power hydraulic unit - Voltage 380/50 Hz


3-roll hydraulic plate bending machine

Dual prepinch planetary Plate width: 3000 mm
Capacity rolling plate thickness: 60 mm
Prebend plate thickness: 50 mm
Minimum rolling dia. 750 mm with medium thickness.

Machine configuration and accessories installed
useful surface length on the rolls: 3100 mm
upper roll size: 620 mm
lower rolls size: 570 mm power: 400/40 – 75 hp 480/60
Digital position readouts.
Hardening treatment of the 3 rolls.
3 rolls driven hydraulic motorized with gear box each roll. Conical plate bending attachment Centralized control panel electric on wheels with joysticks and digital readouts Emergency stop push button and safety trip-off cable all around the working area
Service manuals